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The Engineering Institute at Highlands High School

  • Jungle Disk Cyber Internship

  • Jungle Disk Cyber Internship

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  • National Innovation Challenge

  • National Innovation Challenge

  • National Innovation Challenge

  • Mayor's Smart City Challenge

  • FIRST Robotics FTC Team

  • FIRST Robotics FTC Team

  • FIRST Robotics FTC Team

  • FIRST Robotics FTC Team

  • Texas A&M College Station

  • Texas A&M College Station

  • ACE Mentor Program

  • ACE Mentor Program

  • ACE Mentor Program

  • ACE Mentor Program

  • ACE Mentor Program

  • Blake's Braniacs on KSAT 12

  • Blake's Braniacs on KSAT 12

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  • West Point STEM Workshop

  • West Point STEM Workshop

  • West Point STEM Workshop

  • West Point STEM Workshop

Welcome to the Home of the STEM Owls!

The Engineering Institute is a Choice Program of San Antonio ISD featuring rigorous STEM courses, industry partnerships, college and career support, and MUCH MORE. Students have access to all programs of a traditional, neighborhood high school in addition to high-quality STEM experiences. Our STEM Owls are top students, athletes, musicians, performers, and leaders.

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IT & Cyber Security
Advanced Manufacturing
Additional Information for Current and Future STEM Owls
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    Year 1 - Principles of IT (1 credit)

    In this course students will develop computer literacy skills to adapt to emerging technologies used in the global marketplace. Students will enhance reading, writing, computing, communication, and reasoning skills and apply them to the information technology environment. Certification: CompTIA Fundamentals of IT

    Year 2 – OnRamps Dual Enrollment Computer Science Principles (1 credit)

    Thriving in Our Digital World is a new dual enrollment course through the University of Texas at Austin that teaches computer science principles, a set of core ideas that shapes the landscape of computer science and its impact on our society. In addition to learning about the magic and beauty of computing, students will acquire essential Texas College and Career Readiness skills, applying critical thinking, problem solving, and communication within a project-based learning framework. Computer Science College Credits (UT Austin CS 302)*

    Year 2 – Computer Maintenance (1 credit)

    In Computer Maintenance, students will acquire knowledge of computer maintenance and creating appropriate documentation. Students will apply technical skills to address the IT industry and emerging technologies. Certification: CompTIA Fundamentals of IT or A+

    Year 3 – AP Computer Science A - TEALS Partnership (1 credit)

    AP Computer Science A is equivalent to a first-semester, college-level course in computer science for CS majors. The course introduces students to computer science using the industry-standard Java programming language and presents fundamental topics that include problem solving. AP CS A has been described as one of the most challenging and rewarding courses offered at the AP level. Virtual Co-Teach Model with Industry Professionals in the Classroom / Computer Science College Credits*

    Year 3 – Computer Networking (1 credit)

    In this course students will develop knowledge of the concepts and skills related to data networking technologies and practices to apply them to personal or career development. A focus on cyber security principles will prepare students for high wage, in demand careers in San Antonio and beyond. Certification: CompTIA Network+

    Year 4 – Practicum in IT (2 credits)

    This course is designed to give students supervised practical application of previously studied knowledge and skills. Practicum experiences can occur in a variety of locations appropriate to the nature and level of experience. Certification: CompTIA A+ or Security +

    Elective (Years 2-4) – Principles of Cyber Security (1 credit)

    In this course students will learn about one of the fastest growing fields in the world: cyber security. San Antonio is the #2 city in the US for this high-demand, high-wage career field. Students will also be eligible to participate in the Cyber Patriot competition team through their participation in this course.

    (*) College credits awarded depend on student course grades and/or AP exam scores. The exact course and credits awarded vary by university transfer policies.

    Year 1 - Principles of Engineering (1 credit)

    This course provides an overview of the various fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and their interrelationships. Students will develop engineering communication skills, which include computer graphics, modeling, and presentations, by using a variety of computer hardware and software applications to complete assignments and projects. Software focus: Intro to CAD Software (AutoCAD, SolidWorks, etc.)

    Year 2 – Robotics (1 credit)

    Students will design, build, and operate VEX robots as they transfer academic skills to component designs in a project-based environment through implementation of the design process. Students will build prototypes or use simulation software to test their designs. Software focus: Autodesk Inventor

    Year 3 – Engineering Design 1 (1 credit)

    Students will demonstrate knowledge and skills of the design process as it applies to engineering fields using multiple software applications and tools necessary to produce and present working drawings, solid model renderings, and prototypes. Software focus: Autodesk AutoCAD

    Year 4 – Engineering Design 2 (2 credits)

    As a continuation of Engineering Design 1, students enrolled in this course will demonstrate knowledge and skills of the design process as it applies to engineering fields using multiple software applications and tools necessary to produce and present working drawings, solid model renderings, and prototypes. Software focus: SolidWorks / Certification: SolidWorks

    Year 4 - Project Based Learning (1 credit)

    Students complete a year-long independent study research project on a STEM topic of their choice with help from an industry mentor. For students who cannot fit the Engineering Design 2 course into their schedule. Can also be taken in addition to Eng. Des. 2. *See Ms. Garcia for more information

    Course descriptions for our new Manufacturing pathway are coming soon!
  • Get involved! Join one of our clubs...

    FIRST Robotics Club:

    Funded by our $10,000 3M Grant, we will participate in the FIRST Robotics First Tech Challenge this year! Robotics meets every Thursday after school in Mr. Lerma's room.

    Cyber Patriot Club:

    In partnership with JROTC, come learn Cyber Security techniques and compete in the national Cyber Patriot program. Cyber Patriot meets every Monday in Mr. Irby's room.

    ACE Mentor Club: Architecture, Construction, & Engineering

    Industry mentors guide students through a real world design project throughout the school year. ACE meets every other Thursday in Mr. Broils' room.

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Engineering Institute Contact Information

Michelle Garcia, Coordinator / 210-438-6800 ext. 35072

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