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6-11 Grade MAP Resources

I can…

  • Focus more in class

  • Complete homework

  • Take more time on my assignments and assessments

  • Revise work until I reach a 3

  • Conduct myself as a self-starter at the beginning of class


I can...

  • Work on 20 minutes on Dreambox Learning twice a week

  • Work for 20 minutes on ST Math twice a week

  • Attend tutoring with my math teacher

  • Make math fact flashcards and practice 10 mins a day

  • Complete lessons in Math Workbook - Sign one out tonight!

  • Look for videos on topics that I am struggling with on Khan Academy

  • Take more time on the MAP Test


I can...

  • Attend tutoring with my science teacher

  • Read the Science Text Book - Sign one out tonight!

  • Take more time on the MAP Test


I can...

  • Attend tutoring with my Humanities teacher

  • Read independently 20 minutes per day

  • Write in a journal at least 10 minutes a day

  • Read one news article every day

  • Read over my work before I turn it in

  • Read my work aloud to someone else before I turn it in

  • Show someone in my family what I have read and written each day

  • Talk with someone in my family about what I would like to read or write next

  • Use the “reading log” list to share what I am reading                                        

  • Write a letter to my teacher, to share my successes and progress or to ask questions

  • Post reviews about books I’ve read

  • Click on this link for additional Reading/Language resources.


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