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Ana Bermudez

Spanish 1 and 2 (High School Credit)

Google Classroom CODES:

Hora 1- Spanish 1- 4kelohm

Hora 2- Spanish 1- ia44ovg

Hora 3- Spanish 1- 3std2wt

Hora 5- Spanish 2- fl6wook

Hora 6- Spanish 2- qra7mc7

Hora 7- Spanish 1- xgvjw6q

Hora 8- Spanish 1- 4vyrman

Ana Bermudez

Main building, Room 217

   My purpose of teaching Modern Language is to create students that can read, write and speak in a language different then their First Language. I love Spanish is my First Language; I think that since is my First Language I can transmit to the students the love and passion that I feel about Spanish as a language and how I feel about my traditions that came with the language, traditions that I will be teaching the students from the bottom of my heart. I think that when teaching another a language you have to be in love with the language to have the ability to transmit your love and have an effect in the students to waning to learn about it.

   There are many benefits that come with knowing another language and I will teach my students that by understanding a Modern Language such as Spanish they can have more opportunities in the work place once they finish their education. It can help the students by giving them the opportunity to make friends from different backgrounds and in different places of the world. The students can be more independent and confident that he/she can survive in a country where his/her understanding of a second language can be useful. I will encourage the students to learn Spanish and to see what the benefits of knowing a second language will bring to their life.

   In the long term I hope that my students achieve an understanding of the language and that the students are able to communicate it needs in Spanish without help. I want to make the students love the language and waning to learn more about it. Spanish is a reach language in culture and to teach the students about the language and the culture is what it makes me want to be a teacher. I want to teach that tacos and tortillas is not everything that the Spanish language and culture has to offer, it is much more than that.

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