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Ms. Lydia S. Valenzuela

Greetings Parents!

I would like to take the time to introduce myself and say that I am very happy and excited to be returning to the teaching team here at Rhodes Middle School!  My name is Ms. Lydia Valenzuela and I will be your son’s/daughter’s 8th grade Science teacher. 

I am a graduate from Texas A&M International University having earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Science, with a major in Composite Science Education specializing in 4th through 8th grades.  I hold a Texas Educator Certificate and am fully certified to teach Science.  I have been teaching Science for twelve wonderful years and am looking forward to inspiring and sparking an interest in your children in the amazing area of Science; furthermore, I will also encourage them to take ownership of their education, and become successful in their academics. 

You will find my email address on this page and are welcome to email me at any time.  This is the best way to reach me because I check my email on a daily basis.  I will reply during my conference time or after school hours.

I have set high expectations for all my students and expect them to be responsible for their own work and behaviors.  The goal for each student is to strengthen their foundation in Science and prepare them for their 8th grade Science STAAR exam.   I hope to be able to establish a strong communication line with all students and parents so that together we can provide support and motivation towards a successful academic school year.  

Thank you for time and please do not hesitate to reach me at any point.

Online ZOOM Instruction Expectations


1. Before you are allowed into a ZOOM session, be sure that your name is visible. You will not be admitted onto the session without identification.

2. Be sure your FULL name or student picture is visible when admitted onto the ZOOM session.

3. As you are admitted into the ZOOM session, please type your FULL name and class period on the CHAT, for attendance.

4. You will be muted upon entry, so if you have a question or require assistance, click on the "raise your hand", I-con, so that the teacher can call upon you in an orderly fashion.

5. If your actions are inappropriate or if you are impeding the instruction and leaning of the teacher and students, you will be removed from the ZOOM session and your parents, will be contacted. 

5.  All sessions are recorded upon entry, please remain RESPECTFUL at all times. 

Ms. Valenzuela's GOOGLE Class Codes Go to Google Classroom and JOIN your Science class period by entering your class period CODE below.

Remind Class Codes On your I-PAD or Phone. Text 81010 and Message your class period code below and join your class.


  1. Follow directions when they are first given.
  2. Respect your teachers, peers, yourself, and all property in school. ( RESPECT THE Y.O.T.A)
  3. Come to class prepared; BE ON TIME!
  4. NO PHONES OR EAR BUDS are to be used in the classroom, unless teacher instructs otherwise. 
  5. Raise your hand to ask a question and to receive the attention of your teacher.
  6. Do NOT  leave the classroom until your teacher has dismissed you. 
  7. Food, Drinks, Gum and candy are NOT allowed in the classroom, UNLESS otherwise noted by the teacher.


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