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Welcome to Mark Twain Library/ Bienvenidos a la biblioteca de Mark Twain

Mrs. Villarreal- Mark Twain DLA Librarian/ bibliotecaria

                                                               contact me at 210-738-9745

                                                               email/ correo electronico:

Library Hours/ horas de la biblioteca: 

Monday/lunes: 8:00 AM -3:15 PM (due to faculty meetings) 

Tuesday/martes: Makerspace after school for 3rd-5th grade till 4:30 PM starting Sept. 17th until Feb. 18th 

Maker space will not take place during holidays and Sept. 24th, Oct. 22, Nov. 19th, and  January 28th

Wednesday/miercoles: 8:00 AM-3:15 PM ( Book Club after school till 4:30 PM starting Sept. 18th until Feb. 26th)

Book club will not meet during holidays nor Feb. 5th 

Thursday/jueves: Makerspace after school for 1st and 2nd  grade till 4:15 PM starting Sept. 19th until Feb. 20th

Makerspace will not take place during holidays and Oct. 31st, and Feb. 6th.

Friday/viernes: 8:00 AM-3:45 PM


Students from PreK-5th will be able to come at least once a week with their class to the library. During their 45 minute visit they will: 

  • Listen to a story 
  • Do an activity related to the story
  • Check out books ( Kinder will be able to check out one book and for 1st-5th students will check out one english and one spanishbook)
  • Pre Kinder and kinder parents are more than welcome to come check out a book for their child in the morning before 8 AM and after school. 

Students have their books for two weeks. They may come another time to return their books before their next scheduled library time to return the books and check out more. 

Please click on the Expectations tab to learn more about the library. 



Resources from our library

Click on the icons to get to our many resources. When you sign in to any of these sites,

your username is: saisd  and your password is: saisd


Mark Twain Library Catalog              Tumblebooks                    PebbleGo 



              Gale Learning                                       Britannica Digital Learning 


Britannica digital learning: Learning Z



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After School Library Activities

Book Club

Book club is an after school club open to 3rd-5th graders. The first 24 students who turn in their completed permission slip will be invited to join the book club. Students will be reading some of the 20 Bluebonnet books in order to participate in our first Battle of the Bluebonnet Book Competition in the Spring.





A makerspace is a place where patrons with a student centered inquiry come to work on projects alongside those that have similar interests, especially in computing or technology, by sharing ideas, equipment, and knowledge. It is based on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math). 

During our after school makerspace students will have an opportunity to create or work on an interest using the ipads, arts and crafts materials, legos, and games in an educational setting. Through makerspace they will learn critical thinking skills, that failure doesn't mean the end but try again, patience and discover their passion.

Tuesday/martes: Makerspace after school for 3rd-5th grade till 4:30 PM starting Sept. 17th until Feb. 18th 

Maker space will not take place during holidays and Oct. 22, Nov. 19th, and  January 28th

Thursday/jueves: Makerspace after school for 1st and 2nd  grade till 4:15 PM starting Sept. 19th until Feb. 20th

Makerspace will not take place during holidays and Oct. 31st, and Feb. 6th.

Expectations in the Library

Book Care

Students are responsible to handle library books with care.  Please keep the books away from pets, food and liquids. Any book damage should be reported to the library as soon as possible so that we can attempt to repairs.  An overdue (late) book means a student cannot borrow another book to take home until the overdue book is renewed or returned. If a book is lost, arrangements with the librarian will be made to determine how parents/guardians can support in replacing the book.  We hope your child will learn to love reading and enjoy our library!

Los estudiantes son responsables de manejar los libros de la biblioteca con cuidado. Por favor, mantenga los libros lejos de las mascotas, alimentos y líquidos. Cualquier daño en el libro debe ser reportado a la biblioteca tan pronto como sea posible para que podamos intentar repararlo. Un libro vencido significa que un estudiante no puede tomar prestado otro libro para llevar a casa hasta que el libro vencido sea renovado o devuelto. Si se pierde un libro, se harán arreglos con el bibliotecario para determinar cómo los padres / guardianes pueden ayudar a reemplazar el libro. ¡Esperamos que su hijo aprenda a amar la lectura y disfrute de nuestra biblioteca!

Library Guidelines


Children who do not owe books or fines will be permitted to borrow books to take home for up to two weeks. The number of books a student can borrow will depend on their grade level and will increase as they learn how to take care of the books an return them to the library on time. 

Prekinder parents may check out books for their children (3 a week).

Students in grades K-1 will borrow 1 book; grades 2-5 will borrow 2 books. Students who finish their books before the 2 week due date may come to the library again, before or after school and can return their book to get another book. Parents are also welcome to come and check out books for their children, especially parents of Pre K students.

A los niños se les permitirá llevar a casa libros por hasta dos semanas. La cantidad de libros que un alumno puede pedir prestado dependerá de su nivel de grado y aumentará a medida que aprenda cómo cuidar los libros y devolverlos a la biblioteca de manera oportuna. Los estudiantes en los grados K-1 tomarán prestado 1 libro; los grados 2-5 tomarán prestados 2 libros. Los estudiantes que desean sacar libros con más frecuencia pueden hacerlo antes o después de la escuela y pueden revisar el libro nuevamente si el estudiante no ha terminado de leerlo.

Library Rules

Listen to the librarian

 Inquire (ask) if you need help

Be respectful of others

Read and talk quietly

Always walk, never run

Return books to their proper places and on time

Your manners and appreciated! 



Hi I'm Mrs. Guadalupe Villarreal and I am your librarian. I was an elementary teacher for 20 years. I have been a librarian since 2018. I graduated from U.T.S.A. with a Bachelor's in Biology, Certification for teaching and Master of Arts in Counseling. I received my Certification for Librarian from Texas Women's University. 

I look forward to working with you and your child in helping them discover the magic of books.

Mission Statement: To provide high quality, engaging literature in English and Spanish that fosters a love of reading and a pursuit of learning.

Vision Statement: The Mark Twain Library is a place where patrons discover what their passions are in a safe environment and explore their creative talents using critical thinking skills, technology and collaboration to help them become life long learners and responsible caring citizens.


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