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San Antonio ISD Dual Language School

Sidney Lanier High School Pathways include:

  • Home to state of the art facilities that provide real world environments for students to learn.
  • Students within the dual language program receive a biliteracy seal on their diploma.
  • Our students are empowered to be critical thinkers and active members in the learning process.
  • Students engage in internships, practicums, industry certifications, and dual credit*/AP* courses.
  • Partnerships with different companies and universities within San Antonio that give our students additional learning experiences.



Click on the following tabs to learn more about the pathways we offer at Sidney Lanier High School. Please look at the videos to better understand some of the projects you will complete within each pathway. 

Sidney Lanier High School is a Choice and Magnet Campus


(Required for P-TECH and Magnet pathways)

    Construction Science P-TECH

    • Students will graduate with a high school diploma and:
      • industry recognized certification
      • and/or Level 1 or 2 Certificate
      • and/or Associate’s Degree   
      • and/or Bachelor’s Degree hours
    • Many of the courses completed are Dual Credit and may require student to take classes at the college campus
    • All students will participate in internships, apprenticeships, and other work-based education programs
    • Must attend Summer Bridge camps, complete college entrance requirements, and stay in good standing with all courses
    • Students are expected to participate and present in showcase events and keep an updated digital portfolio
    • Participate in the mentor program with industry partners which will continue through their educational journey

    Construction Technology

    Well rounded education in the principles and practices of construction. Courses will focus on commercial and residential construction which emphasizes the supervisor role that leads to careers as general contractors, and foremen.

    • Certifications: NCCER & OSHA 30
    • Collegiate: Level 1 Certificate or Associate’s Degree


    Construction logo

    Construction Science & Management

    Various management and design techniques are utilized in creating projects that are within budget, meet deadlines, and at industry standards. Careers include project managers, safety managers, and field engineer.

    • Certifications: NCCER & OSHA 30
    • Collegiate: Associate’s Degree and hours towards a Bachelor's Degree
    Constructing logo

    Power Generation & Alternative Energy

    Dives into discovery within the concepts of innovation, design, construction, and maintenance. Career focus in the electrical power generation industry including: wind, solar, hydrogen, and landfill gas.

    • Certifications: OSHA 30
    • Collegiate: Level 1 or 2 Certificate or Associate’s Degree


    Alternative Energy logo

    Sidney Lanier High School is a Choice and Magnet Campus


    (Required for P-TECH and Magnet pathways)


    Engineering Institute Magnet Program

    Architectural Design

    The Architectural Design program explores various forms of designing techniques, drafting, interior and exterior design for commercial and residential building structures and facilities leading to certifications. (Optional Junior and Senior year to have classes at UTSA)

    •   Principles of Architecture
    •   Architectural Design 1
    •   Architectural Design 2
    •   Practicum in Architectural Design
    0:00 / 0:00

    Automotive Technology

    Lanier Automotive Technology prepares students in all aspects of the automobile industry. Students will learn the skills to maintain, service, and repair vehicles. Courses will lead to certifications and (if enrolled) will offer dual credit*.

    • Principles of Transportation Systems
    • Automotive Technology 1*
    • Automotive Technology 2*
    • Practicum in Transportation Systems*
    0:00 / 0:00

    Business Management

    This program is design for students to gain skills necessary to coordinate the administrative services and operations of a business.

    • Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance
    • Entrepreneurship (optional)
    • Business Information Management 1
    • Business Information Management 2
    • Practicum in Business Management
    0:00 / 0:00


    This program introduces skills related to providing beauty and personal care services. This path has limitations on seats available and limited to 11th and 12th grade students.

    • (Business Management first 2 years)
    •   Cosmetology Lab 1 (3 periods)
    •   Cosmetology Lab 2 (3 periods)
    0:00 / 0:00

    Culinary Arts 

    This program explores directing, preparation, and cooking of food and beverages. This path has limitations on seats and is Dual Credit.

    • Introduction to Culinary Arts
    • Culinary Arts*
    • Advanced Culinary Arts*
    • Practicum in Culinary Arts*
    0:00 / 0:00


    This program studies the monitoring security measures for protection of computer networks and information.

    • Foundations of Cybersecurity*
    • Networking*
    • AP Computer Science Principles*
    • Practicum of Information Technology
    0:00 / 0:00

    Design & Multimedia Arts

    This program is tailored to creating graphics and promotional items and utilize the print shop for hands on application.

    • Principles of Arts A/V Tech
    • Digital Media (optional)
    • Graphic Design and Illustration 1
    • Graphic Design and Illustration 2 Lab
    • Practicum in Graphic Design and Illustration
    0:00 / 0:00

    Healthcare Therapeutic

    This program  educates our students about the various opportunities within the healthcare system.

    • Principles of Health Science
    • Medical Terminology
    • Health Science Theory
    • Anatomy and Physiology (Science class)
    • Practicum of Health Science
    0:00 / 0:00

    Law Enforcement

    This program develops awareness of adherence and safety of various branches of law.

    • Principles of LPSCS
    • Law Enforcement 1
    • Law Enforcement 2
    • Criminal Investigations (optional)
    • Practicum in LPSCS
    • Forensic Science (Science class)
    0:00 / 0:00

    Teaching and Training

    This program grows individuals to become leaders in education through curriculum development and educational content.

    • Principles of Education and Training
    • Human Growth and Development
    • Instructional Practices
    • Practicum in Education and Training
    0:00 / 0:00

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