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Edison P-TECH


The mission of P-TECH at Thomas Edison High School, in partnership with San Antonio College and industry professionals, is to create workforce pathways for students focused on high-demand, high-wage business careers.  


We strive to improve lives through a free, open-enrollment program, driven by a high-quality education. Our students will be the top candidates in their chosen industries and persevere as contributing members of society.


We believe in a free education that prepares high school students to enter the workforce with proven, in-demand skill sets. We believe that by reducing barriers to college access, developing critical soft skills, and encouraging students to be confident leaders through collaborative learning, athletics, and extracurricular activities, they will succeed in college and become top candidates in their chosen industry.


We commit to:

  • Increased academic preparation, where academic disciplines are integrated to earn an associate degree. This allows students to earn up to 60 hours of college credit.
  • Enable students to earn industry based certificate or two-year, post-secondary credentials.
  • Provide work-based learning experiences at every grade level, including internships, apprenticeships, and other job training programs.
  • Prepare students to enter the job market with industry-ready skills.
  • Create a seamless transition from high school through college and into employment with local partnerships between institutions of higher education and industry.
  • Provide academic and social support through a dedicated staff.  
  • Reduce barriers to college access.
  • Develop students’ critical soft skills needed for college and career success.
  • Encourage students to be confident leaders through collaborative learning, athletics, and extracurricular activities.


Students enrolled in the P-TECH at Thomas Edison High School combine high school and college-level courses to earn a post-secondary degree or post-secondary credentials, including an associate degree, associate of applied science, or Level 1 Certificate. Industry partners provide career mentoring, host site visits, offer internships to enrolled students, serve on advisory councils to improve the alignment of programming with workforce needs, and ensure that students graduate career-ready. Students follow workforce pathways aligned with high demand, high-wage business fields, including business, marketing, accounting, finance, and more. P-TECH at Thomas Edison High School eliminates thousands of dollars in college tuition costs for our students.

Application window is now open. 

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May 2024
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Edison P-TECH developed, signed, and executed an articulation agreement with San Antonio College. Students will combine high school courses and college-level courses to earn either an associate degree, postsecondary certificate, provided by San Antonio College, or industry certification. Courses of study include the Associate of Arts degree, field of study in Business Administration, which is built on a strong industry foundation and provides a broad understanding of business and business fundamentals and an Associate of Applied Science degree in Accounting Technology and/or a Level 1 Certificate in Real Estate. Industry partners provide career mentoring, host site visits, offer internships to enrolled students, serve on advisory councils to improve the alignment of programming with workforce needs, and ensure that students graduate career-ready. Students follow workforce pathways aligned with high demand, high-wage business fields, including business, marketing, accounting, finance, and more. P-TECH at Thomas Edison High School eliminates thousands of dollars in college tuition costs for our students.

Business Administration
Accounting Technology
Real Estate

Associate of Arts degree, field of study in Business Administration

An associate’s degree in business administration can be the stepping stone to a lucrative career helping employees understand their benefits as well as being the liaison between employees and upper management. Students will apply appropriate business models in decision-making situations, perform effectively within a professional team environment, apply ethical reasoning to business situations, explore business trends, apply change management theories and concepts in various organizational contexts and become familiar with political, economic, social, and linguistic concepts involved in doing business on the global level.

Associate of Applied Science degree in Accounting Technology

Accounting Technology prepares students for entry level and mid-level accounting positions. The successful student will develop competency in bookkeeping, handling the major accounting functions in the accounting department of a large firm and perform the duties of an accounting department of a large firm and performing the duties of an accounting technician/junior accountant.  Skills developed include performing accounting functions manually and on the computer and working with accounting, spreadsheet and database software.    

Level 1 Certificate in Real Estate 

This program will academically assist to qualify persons for licensure in real estate sales or brokerage and to provide a broad background knowledge of the real estate business.  It will also provide benefits to such persons in the following fields: Sales, Appraisal, Finance, Property Management, Corporate and Government real estate agencies. 

  • San Antonio College works closely with Edison High School and Industry Partners to align and strengthen the relationship between school and work. The associate degrees offered at Edison P-TECH School of Business are based on the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the identified career pathway.

    San Antonio College provides:

    • A college liaison
    • A curriculum that integrates college courses with high school coursework, to enable students to earn a high school diploma and a postsecondary degree
    • Collaboration with Industry Partner to map college coursework to skills required by the industry
    • Faculty committed to working with high school teachers to support students’ transition from high school to college
    • Associate degree(s) at no cost
  • Tacit Growth Strategies is one of the leading consulting firms in San Antonio. Providing a variety of services ranging from project management, informational systems, nonprofit administration, grant writing, and leadership growth, they have helped their clients recognize their value and effectively market themselves to the world. La Juana Chambers-Lawson, Tacit’s founder and CEO has been recognized in the “40 Under 40” and the “Marquis Who’s Who.” Tacit Growth Strategies has also been featured in “O: The Oprah Winfrey Magazine,” for their work as a women-led and minority owned business.

    Tacit Growth Strategies will work with our P-TECH School of Business Students throughout their time at Edison, teaching them the importance of networking, how to write a grant, and how to start and finish projects effectively.

  • HEB is one of the largest, independently owned food retailers in the nation operating over 420+ stores throughout Texas and Mexico, with annual sales generating over $34 billion. With over 125,000 partner employees across these stores, they have strived to put quality food into the homes of the families they provide for.

    HEB was one of SAISD’s first partners for the P-TECH program and have provided critical knowledge into growing each P-TECH. With The School of Business at Edison, HEB will go into detail of the roles and responsibilities of a manager for stores big and small.

  • Galan Graphix is a minority and women-owned design firm in San Antonio that serves clients across the United States. Founded by Myrna Galan, she brings nearly 30 years of experience in art and visual communications to her firm, inspiring future artists and business leaders. They are focused on quality work that provides value to their client’s needs.

    Galan Graphix will work with our School of Business Students to teach them the value of marketing themselves as they grow into their role as business professionals.

  • SA Worx is an initiative led by the non-profit organization greaterSATX, who were originally known as the San Antonio Economic Development Authority. SA Worx has served over 17,000 students with an estimated impact of $1.7 million in growth for future professionals.

    Together, with SAISD, SA Worx pairs P-TECH School of Business students with other companies, business leaders, and professionals for job-shadowing, internships, externships, and guest speaker events.

  • What was once a small mercantile store in San Antonio of 1868 has now grown to be one of the top 50 largest banks in the United States today. With over $51.1 billion in assets, Frost Bank has become one of the most trusted names in Texas for people and their financial security. Frost Bank has over 4,700 employees who offer services in banking, investments, insurance, accounting and financial literacy.

    The P-TECH School of Business is excited to partner with Frost Bank as they share these skills with our students over their time in the program.

  • With over 200,000 employees in over 150 countries worldwide, Ernst & Young is one of the “Big Four” Accounting Firms in the United States. Today, the company provides a variety of services to business large and small. With their San Antonio office, the company can provide accounting advice to businesses, while also connecting them with a wide network of professionals and skill leaders to help grow their company.

    With the P-TECH School of Business, Ernst & Young will be teaching our students accounting principles that will help them expand their skill set to be diverse professionals.

  • Founded in 2018 by University of Pennsylvania students Alex Ingerman, Dylan Ingerman, and Cole Mattox, First Generation Investors ("FGI") is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that teaches high school students about investing, giving them the tools and knowledge needed to participate in the investment economy and make sound personal finance decisions. Unlike most financial literacy programs, FGI brings its classroom lessons to life by providing students with real money to invest upon completion of the course.
  • Did you know that only 20% of businesses in the United States are owned and operated by women? Girls Inc., and its chapter in San Antonio are looking to help increase that number by inspiring the next generation of young women to follow their dreams in the business sector. Founded in 2004, they have worked to connect girls ages 6-18 to local businesses and leaders.

    By hosting camps, workshops, and speaker events, Girls Inc. San Antonio has impacted generations for nearly 20 years. They will continue to expand that access to our female P-TECH School of Business students during their time in High School.

  • As partners in the community, we care about the success of our members, local businesses and community organizations and want to help them manage their finances no matter where they are on their financial journeys.
  • Founded in 1981, Las Palapas has been a fixture in San Antonio Tex-Mex Cuisine for over 40 years. With fast and reliable service, you know you will get delicious food at a great price, whether you are eating in or taking it to go. The food chain has now expanded to other cities in Texas, only furthering its reach and employing numerous employees. Las Palapas is an excellent company that gives future business owners the opportunity to work for a larger company and its goals, while still maintaining your individuality as an owner.

    Franchise Operators Carlos Valdez and Jeff Moore are committed to educating the P-TECH School of Business at Edison by providing valuable insight into franchise operations.

  • Azteca Designs was founded in 2006 by Ms. Cecilia Castellano and Mr. Antonio Castellano, who combined their knowledge of construction and marketing to create a leading interior design firm in San Antonio. The care and dedication that the company places in their projects, has led to satisfied customers across the city.

    A women owned, and minority led business, Azteca Designs serves as another model example for our students who dream to become business owners. They will collaborate with the P-TECH School of Business by teaching students the process in starting and maintaining small business success, as well as project planning.


P-TECH is a public education reform model focused on college attainment and career readiness.  P-TECH programs allow high school students to take high school courses concurrent with college-level courses (dual credit). As students begin their dual credit journey, constant and consistent academic advising is key to ensure student success. 


What is Student Success?

Student success is how well students are prepared to accomplish their current and future academic, personal, and professional goals through the development of knowledge, a sense of responsibility and self-reliance, and a connection to the college and wider community.  Success in college is often based on a combination of key factors, including family support, academic preparedness, life skills and decision-making abilities of the student.


What is Academic Advising? 

Academic advising is a series of ongoing and intentional conversations among students, faculty, and staff that establish a pathway to educational, career, and life goals. For up to date information and per the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) established with each Institute of Higher Education (IHE) partner, advisors, SAISD counselors, Institute of Higher Education (IHE) High School Program (HSP) staff and faculty liaisons/mentors, throughout students' time in dual credit programming, will be continually engaged to ensure the most up-to-date information on career pathways, degree plans, transfer plans, academic support, co-curricular activities, and graduation.

Academic advising builds a culture of integrated practices and shared responsibilities. Through collaborative teaching and learning, the advising process empowers SAISD’s diverse student populations to explore and navigate their academic and career pathways.

This syllabus will provide guidance on:

  • Advising staff and expectations (IHE and SAISD designee(s))
  • Student Outcomes and DegreeWorks
  • College credit hours:  Touchpoints
  • Steps to a successful semester AND Glossary of terms
  • High School/Dual Credit Programs Contact Information (IHE and SAISD)
  • Individual Success Plan Activity


IHE advising staff and or HSP office designee will advise students on:

  1. General courses in arts and sciences leading to an associate degree 
  2. Transfer education for students desiring to attend a university after high school graduation and attainment of an associate degree.
  3. Describe and coordinate use of college resources for students; educational support services including but not limited to library services, tutoring, open use computer labs, writing centers and other services connected to student success.
  4. Provide you with assistance in developing an Individual Success Plan (ISP), as early as ninth grade; build plan in DegreeWorks
  5. Monitor students academic progress; Assist with developing action plans when students in jeopardy of failing
  6. Provide assistance in completing graduation application (when applicable)
  7. Identify quality social, cultural, and intellectual enrichment experiences and opportunities for participation in community service and economic development projects. 

SAISD will:

  • Provide student with information on college and community resources
  • Provide counseling and guidance designed to assist students in achieving their educational and professional goals.
  • Provide specific career information and identify transfer plans
  • Provide assistance in scheduling and registering for courses (HS and college) 
  • Ensure students and families are part of the decision-making process for dual credit engagement and enrollment 
  • Monitor academic progress; assist with developing action plan if academic suspension occurs from being on probation


Students will:

  • Commit to completion
  • Create a mission statement
  • Be proactive. Read all of your emails in ACES and or other higher education platforms. This is the official communication method for the students in college.
  • Be prepared to discuss goals and educational plans. Ask questions if something is not clear or if there is a concern. Be open and willing to consider all options and recommendations.
  • Monitor academic progress in Alamo GPS (DegreeWorks) via ACES account and or other IHE portal
  • Be an engaged, active learner and advocate for self on this educational journey.


Student Outcomes:

  • Embrace personal responsibility as an integral part of personal and student success
  • Identify individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Utilize provided tools to research, plan, and monitor your academic journey (DegreeWorks)
  • Engage in activities/programs outside the classroom
  • Utilize college resources
  • Know the importance of program completion, core completion, the benefits of the associate degree, transfer, and reverse transfer options.
  • Know how and where to access financial assistance to continue your educational goals.
  • Be aware of the importance of your GPA and how it affects your overall goal.
  • Understand the importance of ethical decision-making as it relates to your choices, actions and consequences in an educational environment
  • Be a fearless learner!



Advising Types


0 - 15 Hours

Group Advising and Individual Advising

  • Understand how to navigate ACES or IHE portal used for classwork, degree planning and email (to include email and Alamo GPS)

  • Identify your intended educational and career pathway choice
  • Understand the degree, certificate of completion, and transfer options available to you

  • Understand the transfer requirements for possible transfer institution selected
  • Understand the importance of Core Curriculum and degree completion
  • Create and submit a Personal Mission Statement
  • Develop, complete, and get approval for your Individual Success Plan (ISP) in DegreeWorks
  • Understand how to access and utilize college campus resources

  • Understand and know the academic calendar

16 – 30 Hours

Individual Advising

  • Commit to a plan of study within a pathway and a transfer institution
  • Review your Individual Success Plan (ISP) with your IHE Academic Advisor (or designated staff), and make necessary update
  • Understand your degree/certificate pathway
  • Monitor academic progress, know your GPA

31 – 45 Hours

Individual Advising

  • Monitor academic progression and plan for graduation and/or transfer; know your GPA
  • Review Individual Success Plan (ISP) in preparation for completion
  • Utilize college resources for career and job readiness services
  • Meet with Career and Transfer Services to create a resume/portfolio
  • Know the admission process and deadlines for your transfer institution.

45+ Hours

Individual Advising & Group Advising

  • Complete degree audit and submit graduation application
  • Meet with Career and Transfer Services to review resume/portfolio
  • Request HS transcripts be sent to transfer institutions
  • Monitor academic progression and plan for graduation
  • Be familiar with transfer information regarding financial aid assistance (FAFSA)

Summer Semester

Individual Advising

  • Monitor academic progression and plan for graduation and/or transfer
  • Internship and or Practicum opportunities

Ten Steps to a Successful Semester





Step 1

One to two weeks before college classes begin

  • Confirm college course schedule with counseling and or HSP office designee

  • Become familiar with college academic calendar

Step 2

First day of college class

  • Login to ACES or portal identified by IHE ensure you are counted on the first day

Step 3

Second week of class

  • One on one with HSP office designee and or HS counselor to check in, review courses (HS and or college), and audit progress for possible graduation (if applicable)

Step 4

Fourth week of class

  • 12th grade-Solidify transfer plan, begin/continue scholarship search

  • 11th grade -Identify transfer plan and research scholarships

  • 10th grade-Research transfer and or career opportunities based on pathway

  • 9th grade-Explore transfer and career pathways

  • Progress monitoring

Step 5

Sixth week of class

  • IHE Transfer and Career Fair season; be sure to register for one of these events

  • Progress monitoring; GPA check

  • Review ISP with counselor and or IHE HSP designee in preparation for upcoming registration

Step 6

Eighth week of class

  • Review ISP with counselor and or IHE HSP designee

  • If graduating, ensure your graduation application is complete with IHE

Step 7

Tenth week of class

  • Progress monitoring

  • Discuss options to continue with college courses, if not successfully progressing

  • If you are graduating this semester, be sure that you request that an official transcript with final college grades be sent to your home address or transfer institution

Step 8

Fourteenth week of class

  • Prepare for your final exams and set up a plan to complete coursework

  • Progress monitoring

Step 9

Fifteenth week of class

  • Review upcoming term registration with IHE HSP office

Step 10

Sixteenth week of class

  • Final exams conducted during the 16th week of class


SAC Check In

1) Check Your Status: Make sure to review your status daily in each class by checking your grades in your San Antonio College Canvas course shell under the "Grades" tab. 
2) Communicate Needs: Email or send a Canvas message to your professor if you need to  review your academic progress and get caught up. If you are failing, meet with your professor before/after class or schedule a Zoom meeting. 
3) Use Resources: Request SAC remote tutoring by emailing or click on the BrainFuse tab within your Canvas shell for virtual tutoring-- 
Librarians are also available to break down assignment prompts for comprehension in the chat on their site or to find articles for papers:
4) Meet with Advisor: If you would like to review your academic needs and get connected to resources, feel free to visit on Zoom during open advising every Monday from 3- 5 p.m.
Meeting ID: 414 151 9391
5) Explore Future Options: Schedule an appointment with one of our college representatives, Texas A&M San Antonio or University of Incarnate Word. 
Check out the Career Fair 
6) Enjoy SAC Events: Fun stuff & academic-related. Below are some upcoming events.

2023-2024 School Year

2022-2023 School Year

2021-2022 School Year

2020-2021 School Year

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I am honored to present my extensive and diverse experience in education and leadership within the San Antonio Independent School District. My commitment to fostering educational excellence and shaping young minds spans over a decade.

During my tenure as the Department Chair for Career Technology Education from 2009 to 2011, I honed my skills in decision-making and problem-solving. In this capacity, I successfully supervised a team of 15 dedicated teachers and guided the educational journeys of over 1000 students, providing valuable feedback and support.

As a teacher, I proudly achieved the recognition of Teacher of the Year in 2013-2014. My passion for education led me to develop an innovative program that transformed the classroom into a dynamic, student-centered environment where democratic principles thrived. The curriculum I crafted authentically reflected the real world, catering to students' interests and lives, thereby preparing them to become active, lifelong learners.

Beyond the classroom, my commitment to shaping well-rounded individuals extended to serving as Chairman of the BOND SAISD Citizens Advisory Board and participating actively in various club sponsorships and advisory roles, including AVID Site Team, National Technical Honor Society, and more. These experiences have enriched my ability to guide students not only academically but also in their personal and civic growth.

My journey as an educator and leader has been marked by a dedication to excellence, innovation in teaching, and a deep commitment to the holistic development of students. I look forward to the opportunity to bring my wealth of experience and passion for education to the P-TECH Coordinator role where I can continue to inspire and empower future generations.

Ms. Ornelas brings over 20 years of experience as an educator with a focus on Business and Multimedia Education as the P-TECH Support Teacher at the Edison P-TECH School of Business.

A graduate of Burbank High School, Ms. Ornelas began her career at Lytle High School. She later served as the CTE Chair at Jefferson High School, teaching Business for nine years. She spent an additional eight years at Brandeis High School in the CTE Department, before finding her way back at SAISD with Edison.

Her role as the P-TECH Support Teacher is integral to student success as she provides support to students and their families as they navigate the complexity of college courses. She is a unique and accomplished educator who has helped grow the P-TECH School of Business since its first cohort. Her passion for education and career training has made her an excellent addition to the program as we strive to prepare our students for success.

Ms. Riojas brings over 25 years of professional experience as a banker, small business development, workforce development, and recently as a high school teacher. Her focus is on building business/community relationships that the PTECH students can benefit from in order to be successful in life. Our business/community partners will also benefit by having students that are well prepared to enter the workforce.

A graduate of Lanier High School, she then went on to attend Our Lady of the Lake University earning her Bachelor in Business Administration and a Master’s in Business Administration. Ms. Riojas began her career at an early age at H.E.B., then moved on to the banking industry working at Security Service Federal Credit Union as a Head Teller. In 1994 she Joined the University of Texas at San Antonio - Small Business Development Center. She served in several capacities there, starting as a Senior Clerk and rising through the ranks to Assistant Regional Director which ended in 2017.  Ms. Riojas decided to pursue a career in her lifelong passion of education and decided to focus on high school students.

Her role as the P-TECH Work-Based Learning Specialist is to collaboratively engage students with employers in providing structured learning experiences for students. These experiences focus on assisting students develop broad, transferable skills for postsecondary education and the workplace.  She is a unique and accomplished educator who has developed a passion for helping and building relationships with students, businesses, and the community. She encourages students to apply their knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to real world situations.

Mr. Gallardo teaches AVID 1, 2, 3 & 4. 
Mr. Vidal is the facilitating teacher for college Real Estate courses and Professional Communications. 
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Contact Information

Questions? Contact P-TECH Coordinator David Garcia: / 210-738-9720 ext. 33037

Twitter @EdisonPTECH

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